Thursday, February 04, 2010

What Would I Want in a Food Plan?

Having ranted for a couple of posts about food choices, and thinking about my upcoming appointment with a dietician, I thought it might be interesting to explore what an ideal food plan for me would be.  If I was just handed a pamphlet, what would I want in it?  If I can figure out what I really want, maybe I can find it or even produce it.
  • Flexibility -- but not too much.  I don't want to be tied in to a regimented plan, but can also be frozen in the face of too little structure.  Maybe something on the lines of having a few choices for things to do at each meal.
  • Basic recipes -- included recipes should be easy, and more aimed at demonstrating what to eat than proving it can be delicious.  I'm not a horrible cook, and even enjoy it from time to time, but I tend to get a bit freaked out by recipes.  Tell me how to get nutritious food on the table fast, and I can add the fancy touches.
  • Guidance on how to cheat -- sometimes my body just doesn't feel like I've had enough to eat, and another serving of broccoli just won't cut it.  What can I do that would be less harmful than ordering a pizza?
  • Easy recordkeeping -- I'm not especially good at keeping records, logs, diaries, etc -- but I've been known to do it when given the tools to do it quickly.
  • As close as reasonable to "normal" eating -- I think I'd do best with an approach focused on good choices and portion control rather than a whole new way of living.  I suppose I could do the initial phase of the South Beach Diet to save my life....but I'm not sure I could. :)
Hmm.  This is interesting.  I'll have to think about it some more.

If you have any ideas about what your ideal food plan would be like, I'd love to see 'em in the comments.

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