Monday, February 01, 2010

Wii Are (Not) the Champions :)

Last week I received my Wii and my Wii Fit Plus game and got them successfully installed.  Thus far, with a couple of quibbles, my experience has been good.  I've really enjoyed a couple of the activities I've done.  In particular, I like a game where you're trying to "head" soccer balls while avoiding incoming shoes.  I'm really, truly, no good at this at all -- almost always, my score is in the bottom "Unbalanced" range.  (As if I needed a computer to tell me that I'm unbalanced.)  But, I do detect some progress.

My goal is to do *something* with it every day.  So far, so good.  Besides, I've read that it nags you if you skip days.  :)  

(For those of you who've met me: just picture me hula hooping.  Laughter for the whole family!)

I also enjoy the bowling game from the "Wii Sports" disk.  I'm actually decent at it, with scores mostly above 120 or so.  This game ain't exactly aerobic, but I figure it's better than that same amount of time watching TV.

I'm also hooked up to the Internet.  Perhaps this will give people in other states the opportunity to see me get hit repeatedly by tennis shoes.  :)


  1. I keep thinking a Wii must be a good idea...with Wii Fit of course.

  2. That's excellent! I'm impressed. I have tons of problems keeping up with a fitness routine. The bf bought me EA Sports Active, but I couldn't even make it 30 days. Lame. I will just have to try again I guess!!

  3. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Bob, if you are feeling chronically unbalanced, as who wouldn't after taking so many cleats to the face (I have!), try the yoga module. It's not easy, at first, but it is progressively doable and it makes a difference.

    Myself, I am doing OK at the tennis module, am currently Family Champion in the snowball fight module, and have learned never to challenge my oldest son at boxing - my avatar is still smarting!



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