Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Bit More Comfortable

Since my little epiphany last weekend, I find my self feeling a little more "comfortable in my own skin".  In the context of a Twitter conversation, I mentioned how overweight I really am.  (That, in truth, was hard.)  I've also replaced the smiley face (and piratical smiley face) avatars I've used on Facebook and Twitter with an actual photograph.  (That was even harder.)  While these small things are not confessions in the true sense of admitting wrongs, they have had a cleansing feeling for me.  "This is who I am, folks: there's a lot of me to love."

I'm also finding that my change in attitude seems to be helping in more tangible ways as well.  By shifting my focus to small choices, the small choices have become easier.  I've been doing quite well on my goals for this week. As Twitter friend Virtue B. suggested in tweeted comments on my post, focus on the daily stuff makes recovery from a mistake much easier: I find that I don't have that awful sense of losing hard-won gains.

Of course, it's early days yet, and attitude change can be as hard to maintain as any other kind.   But, so far, the news is good.


  1. Love the new aavitar pic (even more than the pirate smiley) and I'm so proud of you! Little choices lead to big changes in our lives my friend- keep up the GREAT work!
    kelly k

  2. Although I'm not a huge Dr. Bernstein fan, he DOES have some really great observations. My personal fave is the Law of Small Numbers, which is: "Big inputs make big mistakes; small inputs make small mistakes." This is really the ultimate in common sense, yet is profoundly useful in diabetes management ("control" is a completely fictitious term term from my perspective)

  3. I said it on Twitter just now and I'll say it (although in slightly longer form) here to: this is a really nice post. it's nice to know words and expressions can help someone out in their goals. i'm glad ur feeling better about yourself and remain fully optimistic you'll carry it forward in the future :)


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