Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Healthiest Fat Man in Kansas City

Step one (and two, and three, and four) for health improvement in an overweight Type 2 diabetic is to lose weight.  Since I recently came to terms with that not happening to any great degree, I've been thinking about what "healthy" means in that context.  Here are some of the elements I've been pondering:
  • Exercise -- exercise is critical for T2s, because it's a major way to treat insulin resistance.  But it also promotes heart and lung health, cutting disease risk and helping one feel better.
  • Stretching -- flexibility helps with daily living, minimizes injury risk, and is said to help promote health as one ages.
  • Good eats -- I'm not sure that I'm ever going to be able to eat in an entirely healthy way, but I can make sure that my diet contains everything it should by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, getting most of my carbs from whole grains, and the like.
  • Sleep -- I'd really benefit from a more regular sleeping pattern.  I'd feel better, work better, and I've seen discussion that it might also help insulin resistance.  
  • Stress control -- OK, so I might not be the calmest dude around.  Working on my stress control skills would be another way to feel better and also be another way to cut disease risk.
  • "Wellness" -- I'm slowly starting to believe in this concept of "wellness" as being a broader concept than "health".  Working on improving in areas such as sociability and mood control would likely help my physical health as helping me feel better in other ways.
Man, if I pulled all that off, I really could be the healthiest fat man in Kansas City!

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