Saturday, August 07, 2010

Discouragement: a Poem

can come upon me in a rush,
grasping at the throat of my peace --
choking off ambition
choking off change
choking off hope.

more usually, however,
creeps in around the corners of my mind.
Knowing the way well, he requires no light,
Has no need to alert me to his presence
Before his bags are fully unpacked.

likes to wear disguises
to defer the moment of recognition.
Most often he borrows the solemn raiment of Realism,
but sometimes disgraces the sacred robes of Humility,
defiling the cloth with his lies.

is not invincible.
He can often be defeated
by laughter, by love, or by prayer.
But seldom can you dislodge him
Before you know who he is.


  1. Who knew you were a poet??

    Love this, Bob...And of course can relate to it, since discouragement is something many of us face all the time. Think you've done everything right but your bg's in the 300's? Who wouldn't want to give up! Lovely poem, so well written.

    (And this is coming from a writer, so I know what I'm talkin' 'bout!)

  2. I love this too. Lately I have been saying it in my own way too - "self-doubt is a bitch, isn't it"

    For the official record, I like your way better.


  3. Love the poem, as a "periodic poet of the past" myself. Thanks for sharing a great idea about Discouragement, the forms it takes, and how we so wonderfully can conquer it. You belong in the No Sugar Added poetry book!

  4. You tell it like it is, and say it so well. I've so often said (and perhaps too often) "got lemons? make lemonade". I also agree with Scott - taking the direct approach ;) But it's the truth. I teach my family this - and I hate to be a hypocrite, so I try. But there are those blasted challenges to battle, right there in front of us - with all that baggage - each and every single day.


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