Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Toast to Fleeting Friendships

I'd like to raise a toast (Coke Zero, if you'd like to join me) to those people who have touched my life for just a little while, be it a few months or even just a few minutes. I'm not talking about romantic relationships, but they've been no less special for that.

Here's to seatmates on airplanes or buses with whom I've had conversations that I think about to this day. It won't surprise my friends to learn that I usually keep to myself, but have still had some splendid opportunities.

Please join me in thanking the people in the short-lived depression support group I attended, who showed me so much about life I'd never suspected.

I drink the health of the retired government official from Syria I found sitting on the front lawn of my apartment complex in my home town. My conversation with him, using scraps of three languages and some rough drawings, gave me hope for international understanding. I hope he, as he taught me to say, went in peace.

Further, I pay tribute to the two friends from a silly newsgroup who reached out to me in friendship after a family tragedy.

A further raise of my glass to the girl who played me a song on her guitar during a free period in high school. A precious gift from someone I hadn't otherwise really talked to, either before or since.

Here's to the Internet friends with whom a single conversation has created a precious sense of connection. There have been so many in the diabetes online community. I appreciate you, individually and as a group.

Yes, friendship can be eternal. But fleeting can be pretty good, too.


  1. Yes, yes it can :)

  2. I've heard it said that the people who come into our lives are put there for a reason. Whether they stay but a moment, or for a lifetime, we should be thankful for the time we had with them, because if the memory of that meeting is still with us the next day, the next week, or 20 years later, that time truly was a gift.

  3. wow, yea it's the little things...

  4. I do appreciate you too my friend let ours be a long and fruitful friendship.


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