Thursday, August 05, 2010


"Gee, Dad, this blogger has sure been serious lately"
"Yes, son, he has."
"He's not usually this stuffy for this long!"
"Well, you see, son, his friends in the Diabetes Online Community have given him some great post, and they've all been things he feels strongly about. He's writing deliberately because he really wants readers to understand, whether they agree or not."
"I guess. But the posts have been so LONG!"
"Well, he's got a short one in mind for tomorrow, a D-Feast Friday post. And he's hoping to inject some humor over the weekend."
"He's going to do a dfeast post? Last week he wrote about cooking beans, and he ruined a whole batch the other day!"
"Well, son, he just didn't know that the citrus just in the cooking liquid would keep the beans from softening."
"I think he's softening in the head, Dad!"
"Shh, son, that's just not nice."

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  1. So you're telling me that if I continue my COMMENTKAZI run that I have LONG posts in front of me?! Yikes! I might need more time...


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