Friday, February 18, 2011

The Goodie Table

We have monthly "birthday parties" at my workplace. I'm a little grumpy about them, for several reasons. But, I cooperate, at least partially. I show up, I join in singing "Happy Birthday", and I clap. Then I slink off, back to my desk. I think that's good enough, and other folks seem to think so, too. And that would be that, except for one thing:

The goodie table.

See, we take turns bringing treats to to the "party". There's a cake, and usually some cookies, perhaps some potato chips, and (oh, yes) the fruit-and-veggie tray. And after the party is over, this stuff is all left out for folks to nibble on.

Yes, it sits there. It sits there deliciously. And it mocks me.

"Bob", I hear it saying, "you can't hold out forever. Come. Eat. Enjoy."

And it's right. I can't hold out forever, and I do come and eat.

My own diet, the food I eat day in and day out, is getting better and better. It's still a LONG way from perfect, but I am eating many fewer carbs, much less fat, and many more vegetables and whole grains than I once did.

But the goodie table gets me. Every month.


  1. I totally ate a donut this morning, as part of the "employee's last day" celebration we had for someone that's leaving.

    We all do it! I think only superheroes can be expected to not indulge. :)

  2. So true! Those darn cakes and cookies and goodies are ALWAYS mocking... taunting us, laughing and nudging. Evil, they are. Resistance is futile, yet we try so hard to resist. I always lose. But hey, it's cool to indulge a little here and there. So don't feel guilty, Bob!

  3. the goodie table get us all! don't even ask me about the kids' valentine's day parties... ;)


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