Monday, February 28, 2011

Personal Blog Posting Month Wrap-Up

This is the final day of my Personal Blog Posting Month, and I completed my goal of posting every day. Actually, more than every day: one day had two posts here, I wrote three entries for my Diabetes Daily Blog, and I wrote a guest post for another blog that will appear in a few days.

I have mixed feelings about how it went. I expected the necessity to post every day to be something of a burden, but it proved to be even more so than I anticipated. One of my goals was to give up on feeling that every post had to be a little gem: I don't know whether I've achieved that or not, though I don't think so. There were a number of posts I simply would not have published under ordinary circumstances: I need to decide, I think, if I'm comfortable posting as much about cooking as I have been. Plus, it must be admitted, a few posts were simply fluff. However, I must be fair to myself and acknowledge that I'm proud of some of this months posts, and note that two of my most-viewed posts of all time came in this period.

But, most of all, I feel.....done. And that makes me happy.


  1. Great job Bob
    The amazing things always seem to happen on the way to doing something else. You have much to be proud of and thank you for sharing your everyday life with diabetes.

  2. Hi Bob, I've just begun to read your blog so I was unaware that you were attempting a post every day. Just starting my own blog and I was wondering what the norm was for posting. I suppose like PWDs, bloggers are all different huh? :) I look forward to reading your posts and plan go go back in time to read others. I like your style! Keep it up.


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