Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts....

I wanted to try a recipe Tuesday night that called for fresh coconut. (It was a miserable failure. Rookie mistakes.) The recipe thought I'd need two or three for the amount of coconut meat needed, so I bought four out of paranoia -- and needed less than one.

This is a picture of the three survivors, doubtless hoping that their post-dismemberment fate won't be an immediate trip to my kitchen trash.

Thanks, by the way, to my friend FatCatAnna for sending me the link to this great (and relevant) video, from which I took the title of this post.)


  1. And now... Can't stop humming the song. And I didn't watch the video.

  2. LOL! At least you learned from the experience!

  3. I think you coconuts won't go bad - if they arfe intact - e.g. no drill holes, etc. (did abit of research on this just now) - they should last at least a year.

    Also, in some cases with supermarket coconuts (presuming this is where you bought your bunch of coconuts) - check the expiry date on them, you need to shave them at the bottom to see it, beware if you see a 666.

  4. HAHAHA Too funny! I make so many rookie cooking mistakes sometimes that I wind up having to throw out whole main courses because its so bad! LOL! Ah well,life's a lesson, even when it comes to cooking!

    But hey! Look on the bright side! Atleast you did pick up extra and can re-try that recipe again!


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