Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Personal Blog Posting Month

Many bloggers make a commitment during the month of November (originally) to do "National Blog Posting Month", which is a commitment to do a post each day for that entire month. Last November, I had no interest. Now, however, I feel the need to do it for February. (I'm not the only one - I know of at least two other diabetes bloggers that have independently made the same commitment.)

I've gotten myself into a little trap of wanting each blog post, particularly for my Diabetes Daily blog, to be a little gem: a complete, if short, essay wrapped around one (or more) idea that is (usually) of some importance, at least to me. That kind of blog post is HARD, so I'm not posting as much as I'd like. So, I'm going to use this month to try to get out of my rut a little bit by doing a lot of different posts of differing lengths and formats. I also hope it will be fun...and not TOO time intensive.


  1. 28 days of Bob will be fun!

  2. Looking forward to reading what you've got planned. :)

  3. Yay Bob, you can do it!!! I find it's not always easy to determine what an actual gem of a post is. I mean, I never put up a post I don't like - but I have put up some that I felt were kind of duds and then been surprised by the great response they got. So post away, because I know we'll enjoy each and everyone!!


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