Thursday, May 06, 2010

Anatomy of an Evening

7:00 PM: "Man, I'm dragging...I don't dare go to bed too early, though....better wait until 9:30 or so."
8:00 PM: "Is 9:30 EVER going to come?  I can't keep my eyes open."
8:30 PM: "You know, I have an idea for a blog post....better make a few notes for it, since I can't go to bed yet anyway."
8:50 PM "I'm pretty happy with this draft...guess I'll post it.  Gee, I"m not quite as sleepy."
9:15 PM "I"ll just hang on Twitter for a while, then try to go to bed."
9:45 PM  "I don't think I can sleep quite yet...guess I'll watch something on DVR."
10:30 PM "Gosh, this is pleasant, just listening to the radio and playing Solitaire."
11:45 PM "Guess I'll do one last e-mail check."
12:00 PM "MIDNIGHT!  I gotta get up in six and a half hours!  What in the world happened to going to bed early??????"
6:30 AM "Bleeeeaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggghhhhh......"


  1. This sounds awfully familiar...

  2. LOL! This happens to you too?!


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