Thursday, May 13, 2010

What I Want From My Doctor

I'm seeing a new doctor on Monday, one I've never seen before.

Throughout my time in Kansas City, I've always gotten my medical care at Family Practice clinics, where I would be seen by interns.  They'd assign the same intern to see me every time, but after a year or two the intern would go on to the rest of their career.  Some of these folks I've liked, some I haven't. 

So, on Monday, I'm taking my care to a new clinic, one so near my workplace that I don't technically go outside if I don't want to. 

And, I'm feeling some anxiety.  So, I thought I'd summarize what I want from my new doctor:
  • I want her to have experience with Type 2, but not the sort that leads her to think that we're hopeless.  
  • I want her to be receptive, though not necessarily agree, when I ask about Byetta sometime in the next couple of appointments.
  • If she needs to explain risks I face, she needn't phrase those risks as threats. ("If you don't lose weight, I'm going to raise your dosage.")
  • I want her to be kind.
  • I want her to be efficient but unrushed. I want to not have the feeling that her most important patient is the next one.
  • I want her to check my feet.  They don't NEED checking, especially, but I need her to be attentive to the basics.  In the two years since diagnosis, my feet have never been checked, despite all appointments having taken place in rooms with posters reading "Diabetics - Show Us Your Feet!"
  • Finally, if I like her, if she's what I need, I want her to be available to me for a long time.

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  1. I hope you find comfort with this new doctor. :)


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