Monday, May 24, 2010

Greatest Doc Appointment EVAH

Three questions, two unanswered:

Question One: Where do I go to get a lab report framed?

I met with my doctor today to get lab results from last week's blood draw.  I was very anxious about this last night: I even tweeted about it.  (Bless those who responded.)  In conjunction with stress over some other issues, the worry was enough to keep me up most of the night.  The reason for the worry was that I was absolutely convinced that my A1c was going to be way up.  I even spent part of today's wait reading up on the meds used in conjunction with Metformin when the Met is no longer enough, assessed by their proclivities to produce weight gain or hypos.

Why was I so convinced of a bad result?  Well, DUH - my diet is horrible, and I don't exercise enough.

The results?  A1c 6.0, down .9 from a year ago.  Total cholesterol, LDL, and triglycerides within desirable ranges, HDL a wee bit low.  The most amazing part was my doctor telling me, "You're doing everything right.  Don't change a thing."

I have NEVER had a doctor tell me anything like that.  Not anything within a hundred miles of that.  The last doctor I saw more than once seemed to despair of my ever being able to make good choices.

Question Two: So why did my expectations very so far from reality?

Well, certainly my inborn tendency to expect disaster is part of it.  But I really, truly, believed that my choices, along with my upward-creeping fasting numbers, reasonably led me to expect a pretty big jump.

Here's what I think accounts for it:  I think of "perfect" diet and exercise as my goal, with suboptimal choices (and there are plenty of these, sometimes plenty bad) being viewed as damaging, moving me towards complications and heart disease.  Perhaps the reality is that good choices (and there are plenty of these as well) represent not a baseline but as actively moving me towards wellness.

Question Three: Is it really possibly that I'm not slowly getting ever sicker, day by day?

Boy, do I feel good.


  1. Your doing GGGGRRRRREEEEEAAAAT!! I'm so happy for, and proud of you!
    kelly k

  2. Awesome!!!!! It's always so great to hear you are doing everything right. Keep up the good work! :)

  3. Congrats! The little changes seem to be doing great things for you :)

  4. That's completely awesome! Congrats!

    I saw your tweets that night and really wasn't sure what to say. It's easy to say, "don't worry, it's just a number", but it's hard not to worry. I tend to just say - "I have done everything humanly possible and it is what it is." I have to come up with something to psych myself out.

    I hope you're still riding the high of such awesome news.


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