Monday, May 17, 2010

Meet the New Doc

Today, I had an appointment with a doctor that I'd not seen before.  I was pretty nervous: I blogged about this last week, and last night asked on Twitter for thoughts and prayers about it.  (Many thanks for those of you who did this for me.)

Since arriving in Kansas City about 15 years ago, almost all of my doctors have been interns in Family Practice clinics.  I'd see the same intern as long as they were here, then they'd leave and I'd be assigned a new one.  This was okay, though I had anxieties each time I had a new one, but since my diagnosis I was coming to feel that I'd like a longer term relationship.  I decided to try a clinic that's so close to my work that I don't actually have to go outside to get there, although it's probably easier to do so.

I like her a lot.  She's somewhere in the 35-45 range, I'd guess, so at least we're approximately the same generation.  The phrase "efficient but unhurried" from my earlier post fits perfectly -- I certainly didn't feel invited to chat, but I also felt that I could ask my questions. 

One, thing, though -- she wants to schedule me for The Test Which Must Not Be Named.  Aaaaaauuuuugggghhhhh!!!!!  I have no desire to have any tubes put there! :)

I'll be meeting with her again in a week to go over test results.


  1. I think having a chronic condition makes it all the more important to find a general practitioner that you like and works well with you... because you end up seeing them a lot more than if you were just going for the odd check-up or complaint. Well, that's just been my experience, at least... So...

    Sorry about THE test... But I'm glad your doctor turned out to be nice, helpful and attentive. :)

  2. Anonymous9:35 PM

    I'm glad you are happy with her.

    And that is a Harry Potter reference, right?

  3. well bud, that's something all us old cranky guys have to go thru (and people wonder why we are cranky?) It sucks, but the sooner any problem can be found, the sooner it can be corrected.

    Sounds like that might be a good doc, if you find you like and they move on, there's no harm in following them (lord knows that insurance can get in the way of that) but it is very important to have a doc willing to actually talk and listen to you.

  4. Bob, Once you cross a certain age, the not to be named proceedure must be part of the plan. I was lucky as what they found was precancerous by about six months and the Doctor actually told me he was greatful I had asked for it. Said that it probably added more years to my life. And that was before I was DX'd with the big D.

    Happy you have found one that you feel comfortable with.

  5. My actual attitude about the test is actually pretty good, and I do understood that it's important. I just don't think it'll be readily mistaken for a rollicking good time. :)

  6. Liz McBurney5:02 PM

    If you want, you can be sedated for the procedure, Bob. John has had two, and the worst part for him was the "clean-out" beforehand. There's a really sick but funny video clip from "My Wife and My Kids" that you might want to see... Google "Dr. Rawls"

  7. Twenty-twenty-twenty-twenty-four hours a day, I wanna be sedated.... lol


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