Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Recipes and Cookbooks for Diabetics: Know Your Needs

I have no problem with the publication of cookbooks or recipes intended for diabetics. (Sometimes, collections of such recipes are called "diabetic cookbooks", but as my Twitter friend Tina pointed out, cookbooks can't get diabetes.)  Recipes like this can be very helpful for many, but as with so many issues with diabetes, we need to be thoughtful and informed in choosing what to cook and eat.

The issue is this: people with diabetes (PWDs) have a very wide range of dietary requirements, depending on treatment, other medical conditions, personal philosophy, and other factors.  Some folks on insulin require a small, tightly controlled portion of carbs, while others have more flexiblity as long as the carb content is known.   Because of the vastly increased risk of heart disease that diabetes brings, some folks may need to restrict saturated fat or total fat.  And, of course, many diabetics need to keep an eye on total calories.  Because of diabetes and conditions such as celiac disease can go together, some diabetics may need to avoid wheat flour or other conditions.  And, of course, some PWDs are choosing to avoid some or all animal products.

The key to finding recipes or recipe collections appropriate to you is to know what your needs are and to be able to recognize ingredients that may be a problem for you.  If you feel unsure about this, a visit with a dietician or diabetes educator might be helpful. 


  1. I have found all but one "diabetic" cookbook useless. I prefer to adapt recipes from mainstream cookbooks to our needs.

  2. I agree with Rachel. When I bake I don't substitute:)

  3. This post actually evolved over the course of several weeks from a piece of snarkiness to something that might be a bit of help to someone. I'm an odd person to write it, in a way, because I HATE to cook from recipes. :)

  4. I love it, not to mention that someone gets my sense of humor lol. I only bake from recipes and the only healthy dessert is raw fruit, so... I just figure everything in moderation, though you wouldn't know it looking at me. I love the advice to see someone for help if unsure. Folks are so intimidated to just say "I need help"


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