Thursday, May 13, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week: Thursday - The F Word

The "F-word".  Food.

Most folks with diabetes have complicated relationships with food.  Not only am I not an exception, I might be the poster child

At some point, I should try blogging about all the various ways I manage to screw up my food life, but I'm really not up to that.

So, here's what I TRY to do about food, without answering the touchy question of how often I pull it off.

Because I'm obese in addition to being diabetic, and because my risk of heart disease is huge, I try to eat reasonably low carb and reasonably low fat.  In practical terms, this means trying to focus on the veggies with enough protein and starch to make it to the next meal without discomfort.

Breakfast these days is half a cup of All-Bran with cinnamon, Splenda, skim milk, and sometimes flax meal.  (The cinnamon really helps the flavor.) I eat this out of a dixie cup both so that I don't have a bowl to wash and so that half a cup of cereal doesn't seem really small.  Supplemented with a string cheese, this gets me through to lunch.

On a good day, I take my lunch.  This will be some kind of vegetable entree (like the ratatouille stew I invented) with some chicken breast or something to fill it out.  The carb will be a sandwich thin, some brown rice, or a "variety grain" like quinoa or barley.  Sometimes I have a salad bar instead of the above, but I can't eat lettuce salad too often without risk of crankiness.

Supper (as I was raised to call the evening meal unless it's an event) is similar in concept to lunch except that the portions are larger.

That's the goal, anyway.

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