Monday, May 03, 2010

To the Diabetes News Services

I lost my temper today.  I felt angry, frustrated, hurt, insulted.  Yes, I overreacted, but I think my complaint is legitimate.

This afternoon I visited one of the several web sites that provide summaries for and links to diabetes-related nes stories.  As near as I can tell, this site is intended for patients rather than physicians. Like others do, this site tags each of the stories so that you can click a link on the home page and find the stories you're interested in.  I clicked on "Type 2".

The first story that came up was about how moderate alcohol use might help prevent Type 2 diabetes.  That's great, and if the findings hold up, I hope they help some people.  BUT I ALREADY HAVE DIABETES.  THIS INFORMATION DOES NOT HELP ME.  IT CAN NOT HELP ME.

I have seen HUNDREDS of stories about the prevention of Type 2 in similar listings on similar sites or RSS feeds.  I have no complaint about the story itself.  And it would be perfectly appropriate to group such stories with Type 2 in services aimed at medical professionals or those interested in public health.  But not for patients.

You see, not only do stories like this not help me, they hurt me.  "Hey, Bob!" the (unintended) message is. "Not only did you eat too much and exercise too little, you didn't booze it up!  If you had just had some wine once in a while, you could be enjoying that pesto you made over a big steaming portion of white-flour linguini!  It bites to be you, huh?"

My plea to the news services is simple: come up with a new tag.  Call it "prevention" or "public health".  Call it "George" for all I care.  Just save the "Type 2" tag for stories actually aimed at me, on Type 2 care or treatment or whatever.



  1. I completely agree (except for the "George" part) that something like "prevention" should be used. Stories of hindsight are pointless.

  2. OK, maybe not "George". "Eustace", mebbe? :)

  3. Hindsight? Who needs that....
    I'm with you on this. So I just stay away from such feeds. Ha.

  4. You are so right! As if it's not already hard enough wading through all of the information out there. You can call it "Scott" - I wouldn't mind. :-)


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