Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week: Wednesday -- Sources of Support

My biggest source of support in my diabetes life is the Diabetes Online Community.  I do have one close T2 "in person" friend, but diabetes is not a big subject of conversation between us.  I rely on the DOC for friendship, information, and (above all) constant reminder that I have to take this diabetes thing seriously.  My approach to the Big D is certainly questionable, but I'm confident it's much, much, better than it would be without my daily DOC involvement. 

Beyond the DOC, it's a touch iffy.  Neither my family nor other close friends are really in a position to offer much diabetes-related support.  I do have a nurse and a life coach through my insurance company, each of whom I talk to by phone approximately monthly -- they have been significant help.  I'm starting with a new doctor later in the month, but none of my recent physicians have been much help beyond writing prescriptions.  (In nearly two years, nobody has yet looked at my feet.)

So, I'm very grateful to my friends at Diabetes Daily, my Twitter buds, and the authors of the blogs I read. 


  1. I'm a bit different from many T2s (who are internet-savvy anyways) in my approach, too, which makes the T1-heavy OC so much more appealing for support.

  2. Likewise, Bob... of all the support I get from my wife and mom and friends and so on, there's nothing like that kindred spirit from the DOC whenever needed. Thank you for being a part of that, and for sharing.

  3. Thanks for being my Twitter bud, Bob. I enjoy your wit and appreciate your support!

  4. And we are so happy and grateful to have you aboard matey! ;)
    kelly k~


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