Monday, May 31, 2010

Second D-versary

Today is (I think) the second anniversary of learning of my diagnosis as a Type Two diabetics.  (I told that story here.)

I can't say that I'm grateful to be diabetic, but I am grateful to have been diagnosed.  Many Type Two folks are only diagnosed only when they develop complications.  So, it's definitely a blessing to have the opportunity to minimize the likelihood of those complications.

Is my life different since diagnosis?  Well, I certainly eat better.  And I think I feel better physically than I did before, even if that's not true every day. I think my health future may be brighter, too: I was on a pretty bad path before I started making changes, so it's likely something would have come up even if diabetes didn't.  

Two years is just a beginning, I know: there's a lot of life to life yet.  I look forward to learning to live it ever more fully.

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